The Labourers' International Union of North America (LiUNA!) - is the most progressive, aggressive and fastest growing union of construction workers, waste management workers, show service workers and healthcare workers in Canada.

LiUNA is an International Union, with members in both Canada and the United States. Across the continent, we are over half a million strong. Although we run our own affairs in Canada, we are proud to be an important part of one of North America's oldest and most powerful unions. Our long tradition of cross-border cooperation continues to benefit members in both countries. In Canada, LiUNA has over 100 000 proud members and retirees, united through collective bargaining agreements which help earn superior pay, better benefits, better pensions and more opportunities for better lives for our families.

Working men and women who carry a LiUNA membership card live in every community across Canada and come from every part of the world.

LiUNA! We Build Communities!

LiUNA - Who we are



LiUNA stands for fairness for the working people, regardless of colour, gender, race or ethnicity, no matter our country of origin. 

We stand for helping employers succeed based on providing the highest quality of work in the world and by being responsible members of our communities. 

LiUNA stands for individual advancement and opening doors to new opportunity by offering members and employers the best free adult education system there is, with training in the skills needed to build our communities and our country. 

We stand for a strong union movement that can restore the strength of the middle class, and we are doing our share with one on the union movement’s most ambitious organizing commitments to help tens of thousands of working people together. 

We stand for power for working people. 



LiUNA - What we do

We build

Highways and bridges, waterways and dams, hospitals, schools and government institutions. We make streets, communities, cities and provinces work. From low rise to high rise construction, pouring concrete to landscaping homes, we literally and figuratively build Canada. 

Across Canada LiUNA represents working men and women in a wide range of industries. 

Building Construction

LiUNA members build office towers, apartment buildings, schools, sports facilities, shopping malls, parking garages, factories and many other types of buildings, including houses. 

Heavy Construction and Highway Construction

LiUNA members build roadways, bridges, dams, power plants and other major construction projects. 

Manufacturing & Commerce

Although LiUNA began in 1903 as a construction union, our members now work in many types of factories and processing plants. We also work in stores, offices, hotels, restaurants and offices. 

Public Sector

Government-funded services is one of the fastest-growing areas of LiUNA membership, from hospitals and nursing homes to school boards, municipal streets and parks departments, waste management and recreation, to name just a few. 

Click here for a complete list of sectors LiUNA represents



In government, through the power of our members and allies, on jobsites, through our unity and the strength of our collective bargaining agreements, and in communities, through our activism, friends and families.

Everyone who works deserves

  • a fair wage
  • health and safety protections
  • the right to safe working conditions
  • respect, and the freedom to join together in a union
  • access to healthcare and a dignified retirement

We owe it to working people

  • to fight for collective bargaining rights
  • to build a modern infrastructure that keeps Canada competitive and creates jobs
  • to strive for a sound pension system and healthcare benefits
  • to stand up for laws that acknowledge the contributions of immigrants
  • to make international trade fair

We fight to reward work.