On November 14 2019, LiUNA Local 506 will celebrate 100 Years of Building a Stronger Canada! The foundation of LiUNA Local 506 can be traced back to November 14 1919 when a group of Labourers founded Local 506 under the banner of the Hod Carriers’ Building and Common Laborers Union. Following the Second World War saw growth of construction and rebuild for housing, schools, hospitals and churches, and increased the standard of living for Labourers’ as we began to see wage increases and higher standards of living. Following the Great Depression, LIUNA Local 506 remained united working on Maple Leaf Gardens, an establishment which remains prominent in the city of Toronto today and opened the doors in 1931. Today the diverse foundation that was established 100 years ago remains prominent in the Toronto Community and you, brothers and sisters, remain one of the most diverse and inclusive local unions across North America Feel the Power!

We Built This: LiUNA Local 506 from Sandbox on Vimeo.