Today, the Liberal Party of Canada unveiled its commitment to modernizing Canada's crumbling infrastructure by allotting 125 billion dollars over the next 10 years. LiUNA (Labourers International Union of North America) applauds Justin Trudeau and his team for clearly defining the important role that infrastructure plays in a modern 21st century economy. This is a smart investment that will help grow the Canadian economy.

Stephen Harper legacy of neglecting Canada's infrastructure is apparent each and every day as our commutes to work take longer and Canada's productivity wanes. Joseph Mancinelli, LiUNA International Vice President and Regional Manager for Central and Eastern Canada states, "I am confident in the leadership that Justin Trudeau is showing in particular with this infrastructure announcement today and his commitment to inject federal funds. It not only shows exceptional leadership but it shows his commitment to growing Canada's economy and finally bringing Canada's infrastructure into the 21st century."

Today's announcement is as much an acknowledgment that the voices of Canadians are being heard. For LiUNA members who are at the forefront of all infrastructure projects this is a welcome announcement and our over 100,000 members stand ready to get to work. Jack Oliveira, Business manager with local 183 North Americas largest building trade local, representing 45,000 members noted, "Under Stephen Harpers leadership, Canada's infrastructure deficit continued to widen at an incredible pace. Justin Trudeau clearly understands the urgent need for a long term and sustainable infrastructure investment plan to restore economic growth and prosperity to all Canadians, and we support both his plan and incredible vision."

LiUNA members are ready to help build the kinds of public transit, green and social infrastructure that will make our communities more competitive, liveable and environmentally sustainable. Carmen Principato, Business manager for LiUNA Local 506 mentions, "this announcement by Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Part of Canada demonstrates a commitment to improving the lives of Canadians. Investments in infrastructure such as transit, clean energy, cultural centers and affordable housing are investments which allow our communities to flourish and grow." LiUNA members are ready to get the job done.