The Canadian Tri-Fund works with LiUNA Locals and their Signatory Contractors to establish open paths of communication and develop LiUNA programs sponsored and endorsed by the Management partnership.

The Tri-Fund works to create an understanding of unified resolve between Union and Management and establish an intense focus on issues of mutual importance to LiUNA and Signatory partners.

LiUNA is known throughout Canada as a union that makes no compromises when it comes to the health and safety of its members.

In every province, governments and employer associations consult with LiUNA on occupational health and safety laws and regulations. Our influence is seen in every industry where our members work.

In LiUNA workplaces, well-trained union health and safety representatives protect you and your co-workers. We have zero tolerance for working conditions that are potentially hazardous to our members.

Our goal is simple: We want you to return to your family after work each day as healthy as you left them.


Many of the working procedures and safety measures now in place on Canadian job sites are there because of LiUNA’s tireless efforts over the years to protect our members on the job.