When Labour Strife is unfairly created in the province, affecting the futures of 120 000 Members and families of LiUNA, people pay attention. LiUNA Members, your Voice is Heard, a Voice the Wynne Government chose to ignore when we gave the chance. LIUNA and its leadership worked for many months to stop Schedule 14 - to stop Kathleen Wynne, Steven Del Duca and Kevin Flynn from destroying labour relation peace in Ontario. To stop them from pushing through changes that would hurt the LIUNA family - and Ontarians, too. They didn’t listen. They jammed through schedule 14 under the cover of the provincial budget to favour "friends". And, as the Campaign Research poll below shows, the Wynne Liberals are paying a price. They’ve been pushing unpopular policies - and schedule 14 was one of those unpopular policies. This startling poll, commissioned by LIUNA, shows Wynne and Del Duca in a free fall in the Greater Toronto Area. And the GTA is where we have thousands of members and member families. LIUNA warned them. They didn’t listen. View the Poll by clicking below: